Monday, July 13, 2009

The Father of the Bride (The Host) Reception Speech

This one could take some thought,
and the clock is ticking...
I thought I had my participation in this wedding down pat.
You know the old
"Her Mother and I"
and keep the Visa card handy routine.
And Now This;
"What are you going to say at the reception?"
I have plenty of BAD examples to go with.
Lets see:
1)A long disertation on the first family road trip that included the groom to be.
2) Inquiring of the couple when we can expect to see some grandbabies popping out!
And my personal favorite:
3) The Father of the Groom shows up at the reception with the cumberbund tied around his head. You don't even want to know what he said!
So, Help Me Out!
Any noble examples of "Father of the Bride" speeches?
Particular things to include?
Particular things to exclude?
Really funny examples of Dad's gone bad?
Themes that really worked well?
I am new at this and I only get one shot.
Well, at least with THIS daughter!
(I have two more in the wings to worry about later.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

It worked just fine!

Five weeks and counting,
But who's counting?
Unless you of course are counting:
(Man, who did I forget to offend?)
Vases for the Aisle,
Vases for the Reception,
Vases just to Have More Vases,
Flower, Flowers and Oh, Good Grief,
More Flowers!
When and where did all of this change?
Thirty One Years ago, I was a groom in what I considered to be the biggest shing ding to ever hit our little town since the McDonalds arrived!
(McDonald's had a marching band and parachuters - We did not)
We packed out our little church and the reception followed,
(in the fellowship hall of course)
complete with a multi-layered cake
(two layers)
Hawaiian Punch, mints and mixed nuts,
(Not to be confused with our wedding party)
the reception hall was decorated with SEVERAL rolls of colorful crepe paper!
What Could Be Better?
Of course my future Mother In-Law did not see the need for all of the extravagance!
Her wedding was held at the church,
immediately following the Sunday morning service.
"Now don't go rushing off, Bob & Bonnie are going to get married!"
I am pretty sure they had punch and cookies,
(courtesy of the Church Ladies)
And I do know for a fact that they left the reception in fine style,
Heading off to their one night honeymoon at the "Brown Hotel" in a Taxi Cab.
(They had to walk home the following day - They only had cab fare for the trip there)
(But I bet it was a pleasant walk)
Their marriage lasted their entire life, as pledged.
Our marriage is in its 31st year, also as pledged.
Sometimes, it seems that we get so busy planning the wedding,
that we forget to plan the marriage.
How sad.
So, amongst the:
Venue choice,
DJ & Band Tryouts,
Multiple Dress Fittings,
Writing of the Vows and Speeches,
Selection and taste tastings of the menu,
Collection and Selection of the Flowers & Vases,
Lets Not Forget:
That we are
building a marriage,
Not a wedding.
(And you got to admit, it makes a pretty cool Christmas tree)