Thursday, August 20, 2009

The favorite moment

I guess there has to be a favorite moment from your daughter's wedding
that sticks in your heart and mind forever.
It was right before this photo.
The ceremony was done,
the reception was over,
the eco-fetti gauntlet had been run
and the new couple was safely loaded in the limo that would elegantly
take them away to start this new and exciting life together.
Then I heard a familiar sweet voice softly call out
the sweetest word in the English language;


My daughter wanted a kiss goodbye and she whispered a quiet thank you.

My life is all about being a good Husband and Daddy.
There is no better feeling than when you feel you have gotten it right.

When I am old(er) and feeble(er) this memory will still make me smile,
(and make my caregivers wonder what I am up to.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Can it really be over?

The wedding day has come and gone,
but the exhaustion lingers....
Yep, its hard to believe.
Months and months of preparations,
Miles of scrolls of "Honey Do" lists,
A tremendously overworked Visa card,
And an incredibly exhausting, exciting, emotion filled long weekend
have come to wind down with a whimper and a wheeze
(That was me on Sunday).
I claim the moniker of "Poor Wedding Dad",
but in truth I am rich beyond measure.
I have watched as family and friends worked tirelessly and generously for months helping to get my daughter and new son the "perfect wedding" they wanted.
I have spent the last hour writing and rewriting this posting trying to remember all of you and all of the contributions of time, talent and love that have been made, but it is a job that simply cannot be done adequately.
Can you count the stars and not miss one?
(And believe me, there are a lot of "stars" out there in my sky.)
Much like the stars in the sky,
I know there are those of you out there that made this day possible,
that I don't even know about!
I cannot in good conscience exclude you.
You all know who you are. You know what you have done, and I hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved.
I started this post with the title, "Can it really be over?"
The truth could not be further from that statement.
The truth is that this journey has just started.
The wedding is simply one hour of one day.
It is a mile marker in several lives, that show the day and time when commitments were defined, when relationships were strengthened, and when we, as a family and community of friends and loved ones came together to pledge our support and love for this fine young couple, and to show them our dedication to making their future a journey of love, commitment and joy.
However, In spite of all of this verbose prose,
I suppose that Visa bill is still going to show up.
Thankfully Yours,
Poor Wedding Dad...
ps: To quote Arnold "I'll be back"