Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Dad's perspective...

In my humble opinion, Hollywood does a really crummy job of capturing the "real" moments of our of normally mundane lives. These "real" moments define who we are, capture the essence of our being and if you will excuse the comparison, "place the bookmarks in the story of our life." (Hey, that's not bad!)

There are notable exceptions.

In an earlier post, I attempted to terrify my daughter and wife by pretending to post photos of the first fitting of her wedding dress. By the way, it worked!

This past weekend my wife presented me with a photograph she had dug out of the family archives. This is the lovely bride to be, with her cousin Emily at "The First Fitting."

(Que up high volume "Awww!!!")

This is one moment Hollywood got right, in what I consider to be the most memorable moment from the remake of the movie " Father of the Bride."

You want to see things from the Dad's perspective?

That about sums it up.

Love you Sweetie!
Ps. This not my swan song, I have lots more to say!


  1. Life was so simple then.

  2. I watched "Father of the Bride" with my father one day. It wasn't easy because I knew that everything Steve Martin was going through, my dad is going through. Except the $250 a head deal!

    After my fiance' asked my father for my hand in marriage (the traditional way), my father has seen nothing but a little 5 year old girl running around the house, instead of a 22 year old woman.

  3. My fam watched Father of the Bride the other day. Dad refused to join in, saying he wasn't sure he wanted to see his future!

  4. Im looking forward to reenacting this picture in August!