Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If The Shoe "Rents"...

Okay, I admit that I am new to this "Father of the Bride" thing, and I had better get a good handle on it pretty soon seeing that I have four beautiful daughters!

However, I am confused about this whole "Tuxedo Shoes" thing.

I have been hearing wife and daughter chatter about a lot of wedding issues, but I was concerned when I think I heard my wife reassuring my daughter that she need not be concerned about my new "wedding shoes" purchase; that I would be wearing "proper" tuxedo shoes at her wedding!

Now I realize that this wedding is about a whole lot of things, and that I am "not" included in that list, but what is the deal with these shoes!
Tuxedo Shoes?

Are you kidding me?

These things look like plastic 1970's marching band shoes!

Where are the spats?

I remember wearing these things at my wedding in 1978, but I was too young and stupid to wonder why I was wearing shoes that probably were at a high school prom the weekend before!

Now the fine leather "Florsheims" "Wedding Shoes" that I so frugally purchased for $59 at the local Beall's Department store (On sale at 40% off!), are proudly displayed below:

Now that is a fine shoe! Leather uppers and "dance floor smooth" soles.

Quality leather, timeless styling and dare I say, comfort? I realize the word "comfort" and "wedding shoes" may not be used in the same sentence very often in wedding planning, but as Martha would say,
"It is a good thing."

I have no delusions about winning this battle, but hey, at least I had my say!

To paraphrase a popular 60's saying:

"Keep On Blogging"


  1. I love the tux shoes! So classy. :)

    You don't know how close you were to getting to wear your shoes though...we have been wavering back and forth between suits and tuxes. But the tuxes (and their shoes) won.

  2. You are too funny! I hope you don't mind, I featured your blog on MY blog... :) keep writing!!


  3. Thanks for looking AND for featuring my blog.
    (My daughter had to let me know you had posted the "feature.")
    Maybe somebody can teach me how to get past the "most basic of basic" look.
    I was proud that I had changed my background color!

  4. Hi Lloyd, don't change a thing! No need to pretty it up, I think this totally works as long as you keep posting regularly! :)

  5. If you're going with tuxes, they say the patent leather is to match the shiny stripe on the side of the tuxedo pant. I tend to agree, but do not care for the particular style of tuxedo shoe they offer up. You can buy different, but who wants to buy a patent leather shoe if you're not buying a tuxedo. right?

  6. Well how about that! I find out from the first comment to this post that my shoe battle has already been lost, and I didn't even know it had begun. Kind of an interesting summation of the Dad's involvement in the entire wedding decision making process! DGrin (Dad Grin)