Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is a very interesting time of my life. I have always been accused of being "cheap", and being that I am the father of four daughters, it is a misrepresentation that I am glad to encourage! My boss (of 29 years) even likes to tell his friends that I am so cheap that I won't let him spend his own money! (His Ferrari, Bentley and ranch in Montana seem to be at odds with that.)
The truth is, I am actually an old softy pushover, and I am really only cheap when it comes to spending money for and on myself.
This is an interesting time, because I am now dealing with the first formal wedding of a daughter. (I will further explain my use of the word "formal" at some other time.)
As the preparations and spending, are gearing up and gaining speed, the illusion of my "cheapness" is starting to wear away!
How can I continue to protect this image that I have spent so many decades perfecting?
I can ponder this, because all ot the actual "wedding ponderings" seem to be off limits to me!


  1. Hahahaha. You would have been proud of me tonight at Michaels, using my coupons and watching those sales! :)

  2. a ha ha!! I'm a blogging friend of your daughters! Love your blog concept :) I'm going to share it with my dad! He'd appreciate it :)

  3. I'm over here from your daughters blog. I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous. Any girl is lucky to call you dad!

  4. Hey!!! This is Jessica (Callie's soon to be sister-in-law). Want me to bring Malachi over when we get to Florida and you can have a baby son for the day?!?!?! LOL

    I think your sweet and your daughter is so happy. Can't wait to have her as family.

  5. Jessica:
    Baby time is always welcome!
    I always confuse the nursery staff at church when I (not my wife) sign up for nursery duty.
    "So, you are going to help your wife?"
    "Nope, just me!"
    Awkward pause.....

  6. I'm an on-line friend of your daughters as well. My dad is completely thrilled that the last of his daughters is finally getting married... but the first 2 weddings cleaned him out. We figured he'd already done enough for my sisters, so we didn't ask for any money. I'm sure he was relieved!

  7. Great Blog. My soon to be married daughter told me to look it up. I agree with everything, but my complication is that I am the pastor as well as the dad. They want to SEE my service, which is ok. I just have to remember more than "her mother and I do."