Friday, May 22, 2009

The thing that keeps me up at night!

I know that brides are supposed to have "pre-wedding jitters"and maybe even a major breakdown (or two, or three, etc. ad nauseum), and that the moms have to fret over finding that perfect dress, (or two or three based on the number of rehearsals, showers, etc.).

I am also aware that a groom or two has been known to develop "cold feet" at some time during the decade long process of wedding planning, even though they have virtually nothing to plan, shop for or even organize!

However, when it comes to the father of the bride, it is assumed that our big worry is remembering our one big line;
"Her Mother And I"


Perhaps you have forgotten the most terrorizing part of the entire shower, wedding, reception ordeal,

"The Father Daughter Dance!"

(Que up the Stephen King Scream Audio)

For 50 years I have avoided the idea of standing on a dance floor with one of my beautiful daughters; on her most special day; surrounded by 400 plus expectant eyes (2 per person!), and countless professional and professional wannabe photographers, and knowing full well in my heart that my dance talents consist of two dance moves, specifically "The Wounded Chicken" and the ever famous "White Man Overbite."

I have spent several television seasons carefully examining the dance moves exhibited on "Dancing With The Stars," but I have come to the conclusion that neither the Argentine Tango, the Non-Argentine Tango (?), the Quick Step, The Jive or the ever popular "Passo Doubley (My spelling) are suitable for a Father/Daughter dance.

Now, my lovely daughter has not yet informed me of the music we will be dancing to, (Hint, Hint), so I have decided on a general purpose video instruction program.

Hmm, maybe this isn't exactly what she has in mind.
Any hints?


  1. I just laughed SO LOUD at work!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

  2. I love your insight into everything. Thanks for the great laugh!

  3. you are fabulous! I'm so excited I found your blog. I will definitely be sharing with my dad as he prepares for our September wedding!

  4. So Lloyd, I've fallen in love with your blog about a wedding from a dad's perspective. Check out my blog, I left a surprise for you! :)

  5. Hey i just found your blog today and this post hit a chord with me. My father and i are best friends and we both knew the father/daughter dance would be a tough one for us to get through. Not just because we are both horrible dancers but because we thought we would cry through the whole thing.

    My wedding was May 15th and we did just fine. We didnt have any fancy moves, we kept the tears to a minimal, and we enjoyed every second of it. Dont worry about what you look like up there, just cherish every second of it. We just swayed back and forth, but it didnt matter, when we were dancing it was like it was just him and I, and no one else.

    Just enjoy it :)

    Here is a post i wrote about our dance a few weeks before the wedding when my nerves were at an all time high!