Friday, May 29, 2009

What Is He Thinking! Does He Have A Clue?

In my original post, I dedicated this site to all of us long suffering dads. However, I have found myself welcomed and embraced by all of you brides!

First of all, thank you.

I really started this blog as a joke to parody what my daughter was doing on (a really good site), not realizing how involved this blogging is and never having any idea how many of you would be interested in what I would have to say!
That has NEVER happened at home!

Anyway, as my title states, As you travel this road we call wedding planning, apparently many of you wonder about your dad, "What Is He Thinking! & Does He Have A Clue?"

Okay, first of all,


Trust me on this. Its the same thing he has been thinking since his 15th birthday and you don't EVER want to go there. Let me assure you that your parents found you and your siblings in wicker baskets left on their front doors by loving mothers who are complete strangers.

Now on to the second question:
"Does He Have A Clue?"

Answer: "Nope!"

We were clueless as grooms, (as your beloved groom is) and we haven't changed a bit. Most of us think of invitations as something you pick up at Hallmark. "30 cents each? Sounds fair." We definitely don't get this envelope inside an envelope with an envelope deal. So, take it easy on us. Although most of us Dad's may seem to worship tools, (Can we talk about the new matt finish Snap-On combination metric wrenches?) we simply don't have the tools (or have any desire to obtain the tools) to understand all of this.

{ Segue: My daughter has just fallen in love with shoes to wear to the reception? What? Does the 30' she is going to walk in her "Wedding Shoes" exceed the warrantee? This shoe thing has me completely baffled}

BUT, most of us really want to be there to support you .

So...In addition to asking you to give your Dad a break, I am also opening a forum for your questions. If you wonder, "What Is He Thinking?" or " Does He Have A Clue?" I invite you to ask away. If you are "wondering", I am sure there are lots of other brides wondering the same thing.

Or maybe you are just really strange, but either way it may be enlightening or entertaining at the least.

Now, for our first caller on line one......

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  1. I have a question...when is my Dad going to post again? :)