Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am a husband and the father of four beautiful daughters.

As such, I have been dealing with "Dibs" for as long as I can remember.

No, I am not talking about those wonderful ice cream treats that you can pop in your mouth like popcorn (and incidently will puff you up like popcorn!)

I am referring to the calling of "Dibs" for everything from a window seat, to the last piece of pizza.

With the attainment of an "appropriate age of matrimony", the girls have all started to call dibs on everything from flower type to church, reception site, wedding colors, etc. ad nauseum!

I bring this up because I have witnessed an extremely rare event I call,
"The Giving of the Dibs"

My currently engaged daughter and fiance have graciously informed me that since I am spending a king's ransom on this "small intimate ceremony and gathering of friends," that I may choose to wear either a tuxedo or a suit.

That was subsequently modified to:
"You may pick out your own tux."

Now I am not exactly a fashion guru, but I do own every solid color Izod short sleeve polo shirt sold!
So, I do have some expertise in fashion.

That said, I found my tuxedo, or at least a picture of the look I am striving for!

(Hey, it looked great on Alan Arkin and Peter Falk!)

Now, back to the

"Giving of the Dibs."

When I presented my selection to my engaged daughter, she replied, "Dad, I think that is what my sister has always dreamed of. I wouldn't want to take that from her."

It's a Miracle, The Giving of the Dibs!

Sounds like "I" have decided to wear a black tux after all.