Monday, June 29, 2009

The Male's Mail

Yep, I know you had to read it twice, but this weekend's mail delivery really opened my eyes to the difference between Female Mail and Male Mail.


Well you must understand that since the nearly divine act of completing and mailing of the

the daily receipt of mail, carrying the all important

"RSVP Cards"

is a daily cause for celebration!

Each day the mail carrier is greeted by my youngest daughter, (middle school age & a bridesmaid), and she quickly separates out the RSVP cards and e-mails her sister, (engaged daughter) with the daily responses.

How exciting!

However, Saturday also brought the first official,


Funny, nobody claimed or celebrated over that.
(Well, I do admit to shedding a few tears!)


  1. No RSVPs

    And while I didn't see tears, I can attest to the shocked look on your face. :) I love you, Daddy!!!

  2. I can't wait for RSVP time for our wedding - the sheer joy of opening the mailbox and seeing our little envelopes - yippee! But, I can also commiserate on the credit card bill. My amazing parents are paying for most of the wedding as well, but every now and then I feel horrible about the expense they're paying for our big day and put a deposit or all the invitation supplies on my credit card. Do what I do - next year, the bills will be so minimal! :)

  3. Would you like a custom made Urn for your credit cards when this thing is over. I'm sure they will be worn out and ready for their final resting place. C

  4. I just laughed out loud. Mom and I both enjoyed this one.


  5. True it is really exiting arranging stuff...however RSPV's???

    Naton wide cash is easy and fast