Friday, June 5, 2009

Invitation Construction - Weekend #2

Yes, you read the title correctly.
We are about to start our second weekend of
"Invitation Construction"!

As a little background, and to give credit where credit is due...

My currently engaged daughter has a reputation for being, shall we say "high maintenance."

There is never any doubt about "what it is she wants and how things are going to be," so my wife and I entered this wedding planning era of our life with some serious concerns.

Now, I am very proud to say that although our daughter knows exactly "what it is she wants and how things are going to be," she has also shown great frugality and creativity in obtaining her goals.

The most obvious example to date pertains to;
(que up low rumbling music)

(insert scream soundtrack here)

To clear up your confusion, I should explain that my daughter found "The Perfect" invitations. Perfect that is except for the price! I think I overheard something along the lines of $15 each, although this was purposely discussed in the other room, safely away from Dad!
(Gotta keep dad's fragile heart in mind).

Enter the frugality I am so proud of.

Engaged daughter knew she wanted these invitations, and knew the price was way out there, so she got hold of "Crafty, Artsy" sister and figured out how to produce these invitaions for a VERY small portion of the price. "Crafty, Artsy" sister got a local printer to print and cut out the multitude of pieces that comprise said invitation, and "engaged daughter" scheduled an "invitation construction weekend" including both sets of parents, siblings, boyfriend of sibling, neighbors, friends and I think a guy we picked up outside Home Depot!
(All I know is that they all stayed for dinner!)

On Saturday morning, I was approached gingerly and told that I would be needed to run a multitude of support errands instead of actually being involved in the cutting, taping, gluing, assembling rinse and repeat.

Imagine my total and complete Joy!

Anyway, after a complete weekend of all of the above operations; progress was made. (Yep, progress). These things are still a long ways from being done.

From what I can figure, these things are some kind of a pop-up origami full scale replica of the Eiffel tower with paper mache doves circling overhead, and somewhere in all of this is something called a "Belly Band."
(I thought that was what the Shriners called their parade ensemble).

It goes without saying that I will be up all night tonight praying for a long list of errands for tomorrow morning.


  1. Only $15? You're way off. :) See you soon!

  2. I think my father moved 3 hours away in anticipation of such weekends. Hahah! I love being able to read "Dad's Perspective"!

  3. I think my dad is thankful he has only one daughter. Though he still may be recruited for the "Invitation Weekend"

  4. Do yall want to help us?! It sounds like you have it down to a science! :-D